Week 16 Kindness

To truly understand kindness and how it surrounds our lives, it is important to embark on a voyage. Sometimes even unknowingly, we find ourselves at a threshold of life where we need to choose one path from many. It is when we traverse across the thresholds that constitutes new beginnings and endings that the kindnessContinue reading “Week 16 Kindness”

Week 15 At the river

See the water, clear as glass flow over green threads of silky algae holding to the rocks at the very edge. Our dog splashes about, sniffing, enquiring, exploring. Further up, from underneath the huge boulder a tree has taken roots. Sending its long thin stems upwards, shiny leaves dancing under the sky. See the canopyContinue reading “Week 15 At the river”

Week 14 listening in

The night is still and calm, a pleasant and welcome change from the winds that has blown down from the mountains, sweeping across the plains in furious gusts. I open the window fully to the sweet nightingale song that fills the air, travelling over the rooftops from the distant bit of dense forest. I amContinue reading “Week 14 listening in”

Week 13 paths

When I move to a new place my first need is to discover the various paths and ways that lead through the mountains and forests. I have been lucky enough to have lived in various countries and various towns and have in the course of my wanderings found deer tracks that led me across theContinue reading “Week 13 paths”

Week 12 amidst insecurities

These are times when I feel equally sad and frightened. The current happenings in US cities are, if anything, a truthful presentation of the condition of our society.  It fills me with deep sadness to see the desperation that in search for justice goes berserk. I find it hard not to judge and yet, andContinue reading “Week 12 amidst insecurities”

Week 11 being true

Today as I sit at my desk and write, the sun smiles down from a summer blue, slightly hazy sky. Summer has arrived in all its wonderful glory, from blue skies to blue seas. And the remnants of winter and spring as a slight chill in the early mornings and late evenings that comes downContinue reading “Week 11 being true”

Week 10 forgiveness

The vastness of the sea with its ebb and flow, the waves that forever crash on the shores, fill me with a longing. For I know not what. This deep wordless isolation and unity all at the same time. I did not have to travel to discover this love. Love found me and still holdsContinue reading “Week 10 forgiveness”

Week 9 and graceful patience

My yoga mat waits while I try to find the equilibrium that has been missing the last few days. It could be the weather switching from hot to cool to rain in rapid succession, it could be the sheer exhaustion of going through these weeks of lockdown, the absence of social contact or rather theContinue reading “Week 9 and graceful patience”

Week 8 Grace in all things

Spring always brings with it an immediacy that arises from an idea of situation and place that can hardly be surpassed by any other season. This is more evident in the colder northern climes where a change is more perceptible. In the south, where winters are milder the seasons slide in and out of eachContinue reading “Week 8 Grace in all things”

Week 7 and cultivating observance

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a younger me went walking through the forests of the village where I lived before. It was a beautiful spring afternoon, the air full of birdsong and heady perfume of hawthorn bursting in the hedgerows. My dog went scampering in front, her tail high up as sheContinue reading “Week 7 and cultivating observance”

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