Entry 24 Excess baggage

In my garden now, weeds have sprung up everywhere, which is surprising considering the dry summer heat. But in my absence, friends have said, it rained and then the sun was out and then it rained again. Perfect weather for growth, unfortunately for the weeds as well. I find myself knee-deep in weeds every morning,Continue reading “Entry 24 Excess baggage”

Entry 22 Reconciliation

These days, it seems, the world has gone to pieces and little by little, thread by thread, it is time to weave everything back together. Maybe not to have the same pattern we had before, but new ideas, new thoughts, new ways of navigating these troubled waters. Be it on a personal, societal or communalContinue reading “Entry 22 Reconciliation”

Week 19 Fire

Image courtesy: Isha, Sadhguru     The heart is on fire and like wildfire itself burns up everything it touches. Everything that there was and everything that there will be suspended between moments. Hanging on a single thread- fragile and vulnerable. There is no urgency, no rush to get anywhere, to achieve anything. Observe theContinue reading “Week 19 Fire”

Week 17 Trust

Trust. Such a magnificent attribute and yet so heavily mistreated, misunderstood, abused in so many forms. Mostly, in relationships the key element that creates destruction is trust or the lack of it. With an atmosphere of trust, all need for monitoring, surveilling and all the ugly aspects that demean human worthiness vanish. In this securedContinue reading “Week 17 Trust”

Week 16 Kindness

To truly understand kindness and how it surrounds our lives, it is important to embark on a voyage. Sometimes even unknowingly, we find ourselves at a threshold of life where we need to choose one path from many. It is when we traverse across the thresholds that constitutes new beginnings and endings that the kindnessContinue reading “Week 16 Kindness”