Les Pétales Cut Flowers

Fresh farm-grown, local, organic seasonal bouquets in the Pyrenées-Orientales region of France.

My flowers all grow under the mediterranean sun without hoop-houses and are exposed to rain, wind and fresh air, which makes them extra strong, vibrant and incredibly long-lasting. I only grow what is in season so my flowers have the best growing conditions and we have the best flowers to fill our home with. I add enough manure to the soil to keep the flowers fed and happy to last through the entire season. The birds, insects and pollinators maintain a well-balanced eco-system, and I happily let them feed on the bugs. I also grow a selection of unusual and off-the-beat varieties that give my bouquets an extra edge. Do enquire about the varities available when you wish to order.

Please mail to cantadora@ansua.de or call 06 70 32 78 47


2 thoughts on “Les Pétales Cut Flowers

  1. These are wonderful photos that you have sent to me many times over the past months. I will come here often to imagine and view them. Flowers are one of God’s greatest sources of joy!

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